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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

School Holidays and Tropes.

It dawned on me a couple of hours ago that if I waited another day it would be a whole month since my last post. In many respects this is understandable: the kids are off school for the summer holidays so every scrap of spare time (when they're sleeping) has been spent writing. But now I no longer have that excuse. My mum has taken them away for the week so I'm not limited to writing in the evening. In fact, my time is my own and I celebrated it this morning by staying in bed until 10am (I would be grateful if nobody mentions that to my husband who left the house for work at 7.30am).

On the whole, the past month has been productive. I sent my Kickass Cinderella book to my Entangled editor and I finished my M&B book for my editor there too. Now it's a matter of the waiting game. I know my M&B ed will have *lots* of revisions for me to get stuck into. Being weird, I'm looking forward to them. All I can hope is that she doesn't get to the end then blow a big fat raspberry at me and tell me to try again. Or worse, shuttle me back onto the slush pile.

So now I am turning my thoughts on to my next book. As I write contemporary books that rely heavily on tropes, I am busy thinking of what the next main trope should be. I should clarify at this point that until a few months ago I had no idea what a trope was. It transpires that tropes are what I have been unknowingly writing for ages. When I started writing my latest M&B sub, which is about a marriage of convenience, I didn't know that a MoC was a trope. Tempted by Trouble, my book being published by Entangled has an Enemies to Lovers trope.

Are there any tropes any of you, my lovely readers, particularly adore? I'd love to hear them. My particular favourite has to be Secret Baby! Which has got me thinking... *scuttles off to brainstorm secret baby trope*.

Take care all xxx