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Thursday, 7 February 2013

News Galore!

Hello, the rubbish blogger's back! This time I can't take all the blame. The gas men dug up the road outside our house just before Christmas and managed to cut through the phone line. It was fixed exactly a week ago (yes, it took them six weeks to fix it). All the houses on my street found their phone and broadband going down like dominoes. My phone line went on Boxing Day. The Internet tried valliantly to continue alone but gave up the ghost a fortnight ago. Can you imagine? A WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT THE INTERNET!!! It was torture. I had to keep visiting family to steal their wi-fi.

Anyway, that's enough of my whining. Book 2 has gone off to my lovely Mills & Boon editor and I'm busy making a start on a new one. I have no idea if my contract with them will be renewed but that's not going to stop me writing another one for them! If it doesn't get renewed then... well, I guess I'll have a good cry for a month or two, then dust myself down and get on with the most important thing. Writing.

Tempted by Trouble, my Entangled Indulgence book, has a scheduled release date of the 4th March. I can't tell you how excited I am - this will be my first ever published book. I've completed the copy-edits for it and 'met' the team that will help me publicise it. I say met, but as they're in the US and I'm in England, we had our meeting yesterday via Skype (thank god the Internet's working again!). I shall be embarking on a blog tour and doing a Rafflecopter (I'll explain that in another post when I've got my head around it a bit more). Now I'm looking forward to receiving the cover art for it, although I've been warned I might not get it until around a week before publication.

Finally, I've set up a facebook page. I'm already on fb in a personal capacity, which mostly involves me using it to wish family and friends Happy Birthday and to play Angry Birds. Now I've got a proper Author page which you can find at If this link doesn't work you're more than welcome to blame me.

Right, that's it from me. As soon as I have any further news I will make sure to update this blog asap (ie, within at least a month of it happening, ha ha ha!).

Take care all,