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Friday, 30 November 2012

Titles & Congratulations

Looks like I've been a bad blogger again - so bad, even my husband has been nagging at me for the past fortnight to write another post (I have no idea why as he never reads them!).

Since my last post and that wonderful visit to Richmond, life has been rather busy, to say the least. November is always a busy month for me but this year it has been busier than normal - having half-term during the first week didn't help. Still, it has been fun.

Ok, onto my news. I am currently at the tail-end of my last few revisions for my debut Harlequin Mills & Boon. These revisions are just a case of adding a few sentences here and there to clarify certain things. The best bit of news though, is I have a title for it. Yep - my very first HMB Modern/Presents book will be called The Rings That Bind. I am over the moon with it - it is perfect for the story. It has been scheduled for release in August 2013. I have to admit to releasing a few (alright, a good dozen) squeals when my lovely editor told me. Two and a half months on from receiving The Call, it still feels as if I'm having an out-of-body experience. Having a title and release date makes it feel slightly more real - a little more solid.

Another person who will be experiencing these very same emotions is the hugely talented Jennifer Drogell, who was announced yesterday as the winner of this year's So You Think You Can Write competition. Eagle-eyed blog readers will recall I named The Divorce Party, her winning entry, as one of my personal favourites in the first round. Yes, I will take some of the credit (it's all about me!!!). So, huge congratulations Jennifer - I am delighted for you.

Another writer I am full of pride for is the wonderful Lindsay. J. Pryor, whose debut book Blood Shadows released this week. I've already brought and read it and cannot recommend it highly enough. I'll be reviewing it properly in the coming weeks when I interview Lindsay for this blog.

That's all from me - as I seem to promise every time I write a post, I'll do my best to be more frequent with my updates!

Take care all xxx