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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer Sun Award & Apology

I’ve been nominated for a Summer Sun Award by the very lovely Tracey RogersAlison Lodge and Susan Arden. Yep, three nominations, plus I '*think* a few other people have nominated me too. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to do this and I'm sorry my brain's turned into a pile of doggy-doo but to be totally frank, I haven't felt particularly sunny in recent months.

Without going into detail, a close member of my family has been seriously ill, and to make it even worse, it's one of the youngest members. But... finally there is some light to be found, enough so that I can do this post, happy that the sun is coming out for us all.

Firstly you display the logo and link back to the blog of the person who nominated you. Unfortunately I have been rubbish at linking the logo so... whoops! No sun (but the links for all three lovely ladies are there if you click on their names). Then you answer the following summery questions before nominating a lucky eight ….one for each sunray on the (missing) picture. Alas, as it seems that every author and their cat has already done this, I'm going to continue my lazy streak and not bother!

All questions are summer based...

Favourite song with summer in the title or the words (give the line):
This is an easy one for me to answer - Don Henley's Boys of Summer. I think I've loved this song forever.

Favourite book about summer: 
Another easy one - Aimee Duffy's Sinfully Summer. I defy anyone to read it and not want to get on the first flight to Marbella!

Favourite hot summer film;
Erm... Now this is a much harder question to answer. I think I'll plump for Dirty Dancing. After all, it's set in a holiday camp, so it must qualify!

Favourite summer memory:
So many happy summer memories to choose from. I guess it's a collective memory of those long summers we all had when we were kids: days spent watching The Goonies, Blues Brothers and Romeo & Juliet (the Olivia Hussey version) on loop until my sister and I knew every word; days spent roaming the village where we lived, climbing trees on one side of the village brook and jumping off and onto the other side... so many happy memories.

Favourite summer holiday destination:
The Seychelles. Need I say anymore?

What books will be in your suitcase this summer?:
Stephen King's Joyland and Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl.

What's your likely destination this summer?:
My house! Hopefully if I'm asked again next year, I'll have a much more exotic answer to give. Come on, make me jealous and tell me about all the far-flung destinations you've either been to this year or are going to.

Et voila!

Take care all xxx