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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

16th March 2011

First for the good news: the first draft of my new manuscript is complete.

Now for the bad news: still not heard from Mills & Boon.

I had been planning to go back over the new manuscript but then I noticed on the eHarlequin site that they are having a 'pitches' competition for their new Nocturn Cravings line (eventually to replace Nocturn Bites, or so I think). I've always fancied having a go at the paranormal lines and, as they only want 15,000 - 25,000 words, I thought I would give it a go. I've been plotting the story in my head for a few days and last night I actually started writing it and got the first 2,000 words done. I have no idea if it's going to be any good but it keeps me quiet.

Anyway, disaster then struck. The eHarlequin site has also got a 'pitches' competition for their Desire line. I have an old manuscript that I have been planning to submit to Carina Press (it's been sitting in Mills & Boon Land for 10 months - I would chase it up but don't want them to think I am a pain in the bottom especially as they have a full manuscript currently under consideration). The old manuscript was originally submitted in 2009 to Mills & Boon and was rejected with proper revision suggestions and lovely words of encouragement rather than the generic 'R'.

So now I'm in a bit of a quandry: do I send the old manuscript to Carina Press as planned or do I give it a go with the Desire line as, with a bit of tinkering, it should fit into their brief. Decisions, decisions. I think I'll crack on with my nocturnal, and make up my mind over the weekend about the other one.

Be happy, Michelle

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