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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Me Bad

The regular readers among you may recall my excitement a few weeks back when I started my new WIP. The whole story had arranged itself in my mind and, though I knew Alex and Freya would divert from the vague path I had chosen for them, I could not wait to go on their journey.
Naturally, they chose their own path and in the process they BORED THE TITS OFF ME! (my apologies to anyone not familiar with this charming English phrase and please be assured that my mammary glands are still intact).
Twenty thousand words in and I was doing anything and everything to avoid going near the laptop and actually writing. I became topscorer on Diamond Quest and Bubble Speed and I finally got in the top three of Bejewelled Blitz. Happy days. And then I had a brainwave - rather than continue writing a book that was boring me, I could start a new one. After all, I'm not under contract with anyone. At the moment my writing is all for me and for my own pleasure. I can write whatever I like.
In my head I have fixed Alex and Freya's story and one day I will go back and rewrite it, but only when I get that spark that insists that I must.
I'm wondering how many authors get to the stage where their story is boring them so much they would  rather watch paint dry than go back near their characters. This has only happened to me once before. I got halfway through a story and literally could not figure what to do next with the characters. I put it to one side, wrote another MS and then went back to it and fixed it. And submitted it. And it is now patiently awaiting a yay, a nay or another tweak from M&B.
So now I have started Catherine and Jovanni's story (one day I will write a post about the inspiration for this one) and and have written eight thousand words over the past three evenings and one snatched afternoon. Again, I am letting them take their own path but their story is already breaking my heart. I couldn't turn it aside if I wanted to.
Take care all xxx


  1. Lol, yeah I've wrote a story where the characters bored the tits right off me. Not been back to it yet, maybe will one day. You're right though, when we are writing for ourselves there is no point in writing something you don't enjoy. Leave that for when the contracts start rolling in. xxx

  2. Can't turn aside? That's good then!

    I have to say procrastination has become my best friend lately *sigh*

  3. Just wanted to say great blog Michelle! Was thinking of you and am hoping you are getting good news very soon! J xo

  4. Thank you Jen!
    Alison - I'm sorry but I have no cure for procrastination. I can spend weeks in my own little writing world and then blah, will spend hours playing fb games!
    Aimee, am so glad it's not just me!