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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Partial Gone

I sent the first three chapters off to my editor yesterday, so now it's inbox stalking time! I finished drafting it last Wednesday but it wasn't until I was halfway through re-reading it that I realised what had been niggling at me. When we were bouncing ideas around for this story, there were two possible routes available for the hero and heroine's back story. In the grand scheme of things these routes were very minor threads to the actual storyline and the editor was happy for me to choose which particular path to follow. I chose what I thought was the most suitable for the characters. Oops. And then I realised I had taken the wrong route and this 'minor' thread turned out to be a major. It involved a complete re-write. Doh.
The main thing is, I am very happy with it and very happy with the direction it is going (jeeze, I sound like a talking map). I can only hope the editor feels the same way but I am preparing myself to be shot down in flames!

In other news, I hope to be able to give an update on the progress of the 'rejected' book in the near future... That is all.

Thanks for reading, and take care xxx


  1. LOVED it, sure your editor will too. Now get on with writing the rest woman, I wanna read it :o)

    Can't wait for the update on Marco & Pippa's. *Jumps up and down*


  2. Or it could be that she ADORES it and wants the rest of the chapters NOW! So get cracking with it! ;)

    1. Prepare for the worse but hope for the best, that's my motto! But yes ma'am, I am cracking on with it lol :-)