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Friday, 26 April 2013

Yes, the time has finally arrived when Blood Roses, the second installment in the fabulous Blackthorn series created by the genius that is Lindsay. J. Pryor, releases. I have to admit to a definite dose of excitement here and am currently waiting (impatiently) for the postman to deliver my pre-ordered copy. He'd better pull his finger out or there will be blood (oops, already getting carried away by the *bloody* excitement of it all).

The Blackthorn series is NOT for the faint hearted. It is dark. It is twisted. It doesn't take the easy options. But... it is also a series of books you will find impossible to put down, with characters that will stay with you forever. Don't believe me? Think I'm exagerating? Well consider this - in 2010 a certain lady called Lindsay. J. Pryor entered a competition called New Voices, which was run by Mills & Boon. She entered it for their Paranormal line with an entry called Blood Roses. I entered that same competition. I remember reading Lindsay's submitted chapter. When I failed to final, I didn't care - Blood Roses did make it into the final four and I didn't have to think twice about casting my vote. Alas, it didn't win and now I am so glad it didn't. Everyone knows my love for Mills & Boon is infinite, but the Blackthorn series deserves a showcasing of its own. I NEVER forgot the Blood Roses chapters Lindsay submitted. And now I can finally read it in its entirety - and so can you. Read it. Please. I promise you won't regret it.

"She was supposed to kill vampires, not save them. Those were the rules. That was the lore." A rare and powerful witch whose blood is lethal to vampires, Leila has always viewed her serryn abilities as a curse. After seeing her mother slaughtered as a child, Leila longs for a safe, quiet life. That wish is shattered by Caleb Dehain - a vampire with a dark past and a darker heart. The most feared serryn hunter of his generation, Caleb now needs the help of one of the witches he despises to save his dying brother. A serryn who has no reason to help him. Except that he has her sister. Caleb and Leila are each other's worst nightmare- but the slow-burning spark of attraction between them is undeniable. Will Leila's blood be his damnation? Or could her kiss be his salvation? 

You can purchase Blood Roses by clicking on the following links: Blood Roses (Blackthorn) (Volume 1)      
     Amazon UK: Blood Roses (Blackthorn)  
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  1. Michelle - what an awesome write-up! Gee, I almost just went and bought my own book, you made it sound so blooming good!! Huge hugs for being a special part of launch day. Xx