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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back to School!

Hello All

Finally the kids are back at school/playschool! They went back yesterday and are there for three whole days (or half days for the youngest who's only at playschool, but still that's four hours of freedom). Then we have another long weekend for the Royal Wedding and May Day Bank Holiday. I must admit, the Easter holidays were brilliant but now I'm ready to get back in the saddle and do some proper writing - while trying to wear the kids out I ended up exhausting myself and kept falling asleep at the laptop!
Anyway, on to the bad news - my Nocturn Cravings blurb was not selected as a pitch, but I can't say I'm particularly disappointed. I enjoyed writing the MS but I never really found my mojo with it.
The good news? My full MS has still not been rejected. I've also completed my other Modern MS, bar the final edits which can wait for a few weeks so I can return to it with fresh eyes. I've now started a new WIP and last night I managed to get into the groove with it which felt brilliant.

I know I promised to name my favourite authors but have found the task too tricky to narrow down so must mull it over some more. In the mean time, I've compiled my top ten favourite 'heartbreak' songs that are a must for me to listen to when writing my black moments.

In no particular order (prepare to throw up at the cheesiness) ...

Mika: Happy Ending
Phil Collins: Against All Odds
U2: One
Jon Secada: Just Another Day
Billie Myers: Kiss the Rain
Harry Nilsson: Without You
Fleetwood Mac: Go Your Own Way
Air Supply: All out of Love
Tracy Chapman: Baby Can I Hold You
Florence & the Machine: Blinding
and... (new entry)... Adele: Someone Like You

Whoops, that's eleven.

Anyway, they're mine - anyone want to share theirs?

Take care all, Michelle xxx

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