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Friday, 8 April 2011

School Holidays!

Today is the first day of the boys fortnight off school for the Spring Break, previously known as the Easter Holiday. I adore having the boys at home but it does mean my writing time is going to be severely restricted to just the evenings (I can normally get a couple of hours in most mornings when the youngest is at PlaySchool). Is there anyone out there with any ideas on how to mute a nine and four year old? Or any ideas on how to get two boistrous boys to sit still for half an hour? I've contemplated superglue but my eldest is quite liable to report me to Childline ha ha ha.
Anyhoo, I submitted my Nocturn Craving Blurb last weekend and then promptly forgot all about that particular manuscript as I was itching to get back to my other WIP for the Modern Romance line. I figure that if they do select me to pitch (highly unlikely) then at least I'll have four days to polish it off before the pitch... oh, do I hear the sound of SCHOOL HOLIDAYS? Doh. In that case I'll have four evenings to polish it off before the pitch!
Before I sign off I would like to pass on the excellent news that yet another week has gone by without a rejection on the full MS requested by M&B.
Take care all, Michelle


  1. Hi Michelle, you have your hands full! I suggest lots of footy in the garden, wear them out so your evenings are all yours lol! Plus taking advantage of the weather we are having is a must!!
    Keep on writing, or I guess, thinking of writing lol, as your blurb could well lead to a request!!
    yay, for a Friday without bad news :)

  2. Hi Emma

    Have just had a busy old weekend and worn the little munchkins out and right now they are yawning their heads off. Sleep my little darlings, sleep...
    As for the next fortnight, methinks the park next door will become our second home, especially if the sun keeps on shining!

  3. Good luck surviving school holidays!! I have 4 kids and I pretty much given up writing during the days when this happens. If you do come across any tricks, let me know!

  4. Four?????????? Where do you find the time to do anything let alone write so prolifically?

  5. I was reading your previous post, so okay, you have another follower!

    All the best in the school hols!