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Monday, 19 September 2011


Enough of the dithering! On Sunday my index finger finally pressed submit on my entry for the New Voices competition. My finger figured that seeing as I had already become obsessed with the competition I might as well go for: after all, if I'm commenting on books that people have commited blood, sweat and tears into writing then it is only fair the authors be able to reciprocate. I have managed to read dozens of the entries but have only commented on the ones I really like or can see that spark in. So far my favourites are The Courtesan Duchess; The Isle of Sensuality; Coming Home, Married in Haste and eWife. All five are fabulous reads and I'm hoping all get through to the next round.
My entry is called A Quirkey Affair and can be found (if I do this correctly which will see after I hit 'Publish Post') at

Good luck to all the entrants xxx


  1. Whoop Whoop! Thanks for the mention Michelle! Yours is my fave so far. I think you'll def make the top 20, hopefully the top 4!

    Did you figure out how to leave a comment yet? Just pick the google account, it might ask you to log out and back in again and answer some questions but when you leave a comment, your name will appear and link right back to your profile. Took me ages to figure that one out!

    Thanks again xxx

  2. Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you like my chapter, all the wonderful comments have made the rose bombing so much less painful!

    The very best of luck with your entry, I think it's fab :-]

  3. Aimee - hopefully this mean's I've sussed it too!

  4. Lol I was too impatient to thank you so I soldiered on before scrolling down and seeing that you've sussed it :) Took me ages! x