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Saturday, 3 September 2011


Ok, I know I have (severely) neglected this blog. What with one thing and another it's been low on my priorities and something I intend, from this moment forwards, to amend. At least that is my intention. Whether I stick to it or not...

During the first week of August I received a wonderful email from the editor who has my full MS. She had some lovely things to say (a great tone and real intensity, amongst others yippee!) Unfortunately there were two main issues that needed addressing, namely too much focus on the past/characters backstory, and too much narrative as opposed to dialogue. There were also a handful of much more minor issues. This email made me so happy - I wasn't blown out of the water! The editor wanted me to revise it!

It took me nearly four weeks but yesterday I finally hit the send button and off it went. I cut at least 15,000 words from the original and the changes threaded through every last page.

It was hard work but do you know what - it made the story so much tighter. All of the advice and suggestions made so much sense. You see, when I originally wrote this MS (the first three chapters were originally submitted May 2010) I was still very much in the 'formulaic Mills & Boon' mindset. The revisions allowed me to take the path I had originally wanted to take but been too wary, not realising that M&B want charcter arcs that are different. My heroine was a bad girl but I tamed her history thinking she would be too much for M&B. Quote: "It would be really interesting if she has actually been a proper bad girl!". Well, now she really has been a proper bad girl just as I originally wanted - let's just hope she hasn't become too bad for M&B!

Now to settle down for another long wait and if this story is ultimately rejected I already have two other manuscripts ready to send.

Take care all xxx


  1. Congrats on getting it squared and returned. My pretend-psychic-mojo says you're going to hear good things way before the first of the year!

    I totally feel what you're saying re: Wariness. It's hard to blaze a trail and stay within the promises of the line. At least, it's hard for me. I have a hard time recognizing when the line is crossed...

  2. Its great (and very helpful) to hear the detail and it sounds like they gave you permission to really let your voice shine. Like Amalie I too am getting positive vibes for a positive response! And how fantastic to have the feedback to apply to the other manuscripts you have ready as well. How long did you wait between sending in the full and hearing back? (I'm currently waiting on a RIVA full sent in end of May so just curious though I know it varies from editor to editor)
    Nina x

  3. Hi Amalie and Nina

    Sorry I didn't post back sooner but I was having trouble leaving a comment (we shall see in a moment if it has worked!)

    Amalie, love the pretend-psychic-mojo thing you have going! I really wouldn't worry about crossing the line too much - as long as you have a unique voice the editor can relate with and, as you so brilliantly state, stay witng the promises of the line, the editor can always rein you back if you cross too far.

    Nina, be prepared for a long wait! I sent the first three chapters in May 2010 and got the request for the full in January. I then heard back about from the editor about the revisions on the 10th August. I first chased it up in April then sent another nudge in July. If I were you I would give it another month and then send a polite email asking if she has had a chance to read it yet. Just to warn you, I do know of a woman on the eHarlequin site who has been waiting for a response on a full for over a year, but I'm pretty sure that sub's for Special Edition which is handled in America.

    Hope this helps and let please let me know when you hear anything (will keep my fingers crossed for you) xxx

  4. Hi Michelle
    I have my fingers firmly crossed for you as well. Are you entering NV this year. Nina xx

  5. Hi Nina,
    I did 'casually' mention to the editor that I was umming and ahhing about NV. She asked when the deadline for first chapter submissions was (hopefully that means she's not involved with it ha ha ha). I've got two completed MS's ready to go, so if I haven't heard anything by the first week of October I'll enter then. Are you entering?
    Michelle xxx

  6. Michelle
    I am dithering too, particularly since NV has gone live and I am feeling a wee bit obsessive again!

    My reasons for not entering are because I have a requested full already under consideration plus I have promised to have two requested (from a contest) partials in by 25th September (these are nearly ready but I want/ need to make sure they are properly polished.

    So is it overkill to do NV? Do I qualify as a 'new' voice anyway? And even worse am I jinxing where I am (if that makes sense)

    Anyway if you are still dithering too and want to talk about it my email is fbanina at googlemail dot com

    Nina x