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Monday, 18 March 2013

TbT Blog Tour starts NOW - I have prizes!

My four-week long Tempted by Trouble blog tour starts today and yes, I am using a shameless promotional tool to get readers interested in my tour and thus my book. A Rafflecopter. Where you can win prizes. But I'm not going to tell you what the prizes are - you'll have to click on the banner below. This will take you to the homepage of mywebsite where the rafflecopter is sitting waiting patiently for you to enter. The prizes are listed there too (don't get too excited or anything though - I hate to dash dreams. You're not entering to win an iPad or anything.). Oh, and you might have to wait a minute for the Rafflecopter to appear as my site appears to be a bit slow. I'm doing a grand job selling this, aren't I?

Still, while I've got you here, why not read a little more shameless promotion from some carefully selected reviews?!

Michelle Smart had me sucked into Tempted by Trouble from the first page!
Tempted by Trouble is a great romance in such a romantic setting…the Carribean. I could smell the salt air and heat as Michelle described the environment.
I highly recommend this book to all romance readers out there!!

For the full review by Harlequin Junkie, click on the link below.

Fiona: Lovely reunion story with a damaged heroine and gorgeous hero.
I couldn't put it down in spite of it being long past my bedtime *****
(For full Amazon review click here)

Aimee: Absolute must read
I'd highly recommend this book to all readers and lovers of romance worldwide. It's the perfect escape from the gloomy winter. Be warned though, you may need tissues! *****
(For full Amazon review click here)

While I'm here, I can also tell you that the fabulous Victoria James is also going on a virtual tour. If you click on the banner below, it will take you through to her website.

Take care all xxx


  1. Awesome giveaway!!
    Also you are being honest and straight forward about it.appreciate that.
    Nothing Shameless about it :)
    Sydney W

  2. The book Title has a nice ring to it.Like it 
    Also special thanks for making the contest international.
    Very thoughtful,considerate and generous of you,
    My best wishes to you,
    Sydney W

    1. Sydney, thank you so much for your lovely comments (I love the title too). I wanted to make the contest international because it drives me bonkers when I see competitions I want to enter but am restricted because of my location! Hope you have a wonderful weekend x